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Bonsoir mes amis

Augusts 25, 2010 I will be in France starting the Goucher Paris Program study abroad. I was not playing on starting a blog until I arrived in Paris. However, I have been so frustrated with Campus France, the website we must register with before applying for the Visa, that I decided to start a little early, while still in Connecticut. Whether these first few posts end up being simply a place for me to rant or  useful to people going to Paris later, I don’t really know, hopefully a little of both.

I always wanted to do a blog for my study abroad, partly as something to look back on years from now, and partly because I love reading travel blogs and thought maybe some other people might feel the same way. So, I will try to keep my writing to less ranting or gossiping and more about my experiences in France, but I will probably slip a few times.

The name of this blog, “Bonjour Escargot”, comes from a random conversation during the last week of my sophomore year.  My brother, Brian, Elizabeth, and I were having a conversation about the few French words they could say. “Bonjour” and “Escargot” were of course some of the first ones, and they had such a nice silly ring to it we decided it had to be my blog name. Whether the name will stick once I get to France, I’m not sure (I may feel just a tad silly seeing “hello snail” at the top of my blog everyday), but I like it right now.

I may switch between English and French while writing this blog. I actually have the strong urge to write in French right now. I went from having three French classes this past semester to coming home where nobody speaks the language, so it’s been a little jarring. However, I will try and keep most of the posts in English, or with an English translation, since I would not be surprised if this blog attracted some relatives of mine and I do not want to confuse them too much with les mots étranges.

It has been a long journey (I seem to like that word today) to where I am today, two months away from France. Technically, it all started in 7th grade when I took Mrs. Paul’s French class, continued in High School with Madame Perlot, then at Goucher College with Professors Ingram, Carrie, and St. Ours. Some important moments for me were winning the French award in high school, since it made me realize I wasn’t half bad at the language, and my trip to France this past summer. I spent three weeks in France on a Intensive Course Abroad (ICA) French Theatre Program through Goucher. There were six students and two professors, spending a week in Avignon, a week in Marseille, and a week in Paris. This trip improved my language skills considerably and made me realize that I love French enough to be a French major and to want to speak it fluently for my entire life. It also made me a bit partial to the south of France, so we’ll see how that affects my stay in Paris. 🙂 My first semester will be with a program required for my major (the Goucher Paris Program), I will be taking classes through the Sorbonne and doing a mini internship. My second semester I plan on continuing in Paris with IFE, where I’ll be doing a full internship.

I think I’m going to end my post here, because I have gotten completely side tracked. Tomorrow I’ll try and work on my Visa and explain Campus France a bit.

A plus tard.

Bonjour petit escargot
La pluie tombe sur ton dos.
Les souris n’aiment pas l’eau.
Mais toi, tu dis “bravo, bravo”.