Monthly Archives: June 2010

What not to do

So, obviously I did not work on CampusFrance the day after that last post. Which is my first little bit of advice on things not to do: do not wait until the last minute. Visas take a long time, I have been warned time and again that if I wait until the last moment it may affect my stay in France. So for the past two weeks now I have been trying to balance work, life, and filling out all this lovely paperwork. Now I’ve finally reached the point where I don’t have to work for a couple days, so I’m going to try and put life on hold and figure out what CampusFrance wants from me.

I’m back on the CampusFrance website. Make sure to read everything at least twenty times, in order for it to make the tiniest bit of sense. For example, the site says that if I am a study abroad student, I only have to fill out the current year. And yet, when I erase everything else and hit validate, it says I need at least one year in my activities, a section which does not include college, aka my current year. Now that I have hopefully filled out that page correctly, they want my transcript. I am a college student going on a required study abroad for my major. I have already been accepted. What does it matter what grade I got in senior year health class?!?!?

Now they want to know how many hours I have studied French for. Who the heck keeps track of the hours?!?!

Now that all that ranting is done, I believe I have done all I can on CampusFrance today. It really wasn’t that horrible, I just felt like my IQ level dropped a tad.

Au revoir Escargot.