Daily Archives: 2 October 2010

L’arnacoeur – Friday

At mon stage, I translated part of a English book into French so that it would be easier for the French students to quickly find what they were looking for.  It was tricky because while I had a multi-language dictionary for all the Restoration terms, I didn’t have a normal French/English dictionary. I could have sat in on a drawing class, but it was for advanced students and I didn’t really feel like getting roped into buying materials, and then draw really really bad compared to the others. Probably not a good reason, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

After my stage I headed to the metro to recharge my Navigo card for the month. It became a bit of an advanture, when I realized that the machine didn’t take 50 Euro bills, only 20 or less. I headed into some stores nearby, and lucky a gaming store was willing to “faire le money” with me. Only, he almost didn’t because apparently counterfit euros are a problem or something. He said my 50 didn’t have a bar so he couldn’t accept it, luckily i had another 50 that had the bar so it worked fine. I’m a little worried though since I get these annoying 50 euro bills from an ATM, which should check to see if it’s a good bill or not…. Once I got the money sorted out, I went to use the machine. Thank god there was a woman there to help me, because even though I chose the English directions, I still didn’t understand that you have to leave your Navigo on the thing the whole time.

In my phonetics class we started to work on the French R. Tricky little bugger, you have to keep your tongue in the same place the whole time, no movement like the American R.

In grammar class we went over the difference between Savoir and Connaitre, the two words for “to know”, and then debated some more.

Then I decided to go on a mission to find cheap clothes. I had an address, I found it, I found a jewelry shop not a clothing store. Then I headed back to Bastille and went into Gap, because I’m getting that desperate, but all the things I liked were ridiculously expensive. Then I went into Mim, which I’ve shopped at before and is cheap. I gathered all my clothes to try on, went to the dressing room, and discovered tap and a mannequin blocking my way. For some bizarre reason the dressing rooms were closed, so I didn’t buy a thing. So, my shopping mission was a bust, but it was still fun to explore Paris on my own. Maybe I’ll have more luck this weekend.

Had dinner at the foyer, it was Quiche, vegetables, and tater tots so I was actually able to eat everything, it was amazing. And since it was Friday the guy gave us extra desserts! Can’t get any better.

After dinner, most of the crew went out to a cafe, but Zipeng, Rabi, and I decided to be party poopers and watch a movie instead. We watched L’arnacoeur, which is a French chick flick with Romain Duris. It’s basically the opposite of Hitch, the guy breaks up unhappy couples so that the girls can go on with their lives. It wasn’t bad, but I don’t think the French completely understand the concept of chick flicks, because there were a lot of things that just didn’t work.

So that was my Friday. Today I’m going to probably try and do some shopping again, and then figure out what to do for nuit blanche. Bon Week-end!