Daily Archives: 10 October 2010


I didn’t really do all the much this weekend. I’m just trying to find a weekend routine that doesn’t drive me crazy.

Friday night we all hung out but didn’t go out anywhere. Just played cards and listened to music.

Saturday night I watched the Lizzie Macguire Movie and some Big Bang Theory which was awesome as always.

Today, I tried to find some sleeping arrangements for Rebecca when she visits this week. I thought I had found a blow up bed to by, but it turned out to be to big. I did find some sheets, so at least I’ll have something to lay on an keep me warn. Hopefully I’ll have time to stop by Monoprix or Conforama, Monday, to find some sort of cushion. On my way to the Bazaar I stumbled upon a flea market. I was walking right down Rue de Charonne like I do everyday on the way to mon stage, I looked over at the girls school I pass, and right next door there was a flea market along the road. It was mostly little trinkets, silverware, dishes, postcards, chairs, but there were come clothes too. It was just really cool to think I walk by everyday, but I never new what happened Sunday.

Then I bought a very good Chocolate Croissant and headed home.

I’m very proud of myself, because for lunch I supplies to have a ham, butter, and salad sandwich with chips and dessert. Which is pretty darn basic, but much less basic than my original bread lunches, or my bread and ham lunch, or my nutella and jelly lunch. And it was much more filling.

Where I took a very very long nap, and am now persuading myself to do my homework. It’s hard to do homework here because there are no homework parties and there is no library. There’s libraries but it’s a trek and it’s not like at Goucher. When I’m in my room I want to just go on the internet or sleep, since normally that’s all I have time to do here. It’s not a very good working environment. But I’ll get use to it. 🙂

Now for some randomness.

Some Favorite Paris Moments:

  • Waking up thinking I was hearing horses for some bizarre reason, to find out there really were horses walking by my window. The mounted police just went by my window one day.
  • Stumbling upon random flea markets
  • Wondering what’s all that noise, only to discover that a horse and carriage with newlyweds was going by, and all the noise was the wedding party following in cars honking and cheering.