Oh lundi, tu ne change jamais.

This morning I got everything all set at the foyer for Rebecca R to come visit. Now the security guard will let her in an everything :-). Then I headed to mon stage where I sat in on the first year restauration course and we learned the history or art restauration. It’s pretty cool to hear about how much it’s changed. At first artists would just copy old damaged paintings and then threw away the original when they were done with it. Now there’s entire associations devoted to sharing information so that art is respected and the best techniques available are used.

After my stage I used some of my extra time to find a blanket for Rebecca since I can’t seem any air mattressish object, atleast we can make a semi-pile of blankets now. Then I had a wonderful lunch of Chevre and tomatoes on toast with strawberries for dessert.

In my grammaire class today we worked on agreement with the past tense. Pretty simple concept but annoying to remember, but apparently most Frenchies don’t get it so it’s all good. 🙂

Then I got on the metro, went to Bastille, ate a very bad crepe (don’t but the crepes at Bastille, their cheap but you can taste it), and headed to class with Marie. Today we had to turn in our Premier Chapitre for our Rapport du Stage. We had some technical difficulties, my chart got deleted somewhere in the downloading process and Eliza’s paper wouldn’t download since it was in Mac format, but it all worked out. Then we discussed punctuation and liaison words.

Then I headed back for dinner au foyer, watched a little magic for a foyer event, and headed upstairs to try and finish some VISA stuff.

All in all a pretty normal day.

Tomorrow Rebecca R comes! YAYYY!!!!



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