Camp Sacramento

I’ve finally come to terms as to why I haven’t posted about my time at Camp Sacramento yet. You see, to write about Camp Sacramento, I have to start at the beginning, which means I have to relive a certain… incident. It all started at Camp Tamarancho, I woke up before everyone else, packed my sleeping bag, and dropped it next to the van to be packed later so that I could go eat breakfast. What I didn’t realize was that little critters might decide it was a good idea to crawl into my very tightly packed sleeping bag. So, we packed the van, said goodbye to the place and people we had grown to love, and headed to Camp Sacramento. We arrived, got a mini tour of the camp, explored South Lake Tahoe, and went to bed after a very long day. As usual, I was the first to wake up. Half awake, I went to get out of bed and noticed something long and brown on the floor. I put my glasses on, it looked like a snake, I didn’t believe it, so I decided to take a moment to wake up. But, the more I woke up the more positive I was that a three foot snake was spread out on the floor next to my bed. Fun fact about me is that I am severely afraid of snakes, so finding a snake next to my bed freaked me out quite a bit. I didn’t want to make it move, so I quietly phone called my teammate in the next room who likes snakes, but with no service I got no reply. So, I decided that despite the early hour, I had to risk waking everybody, including the snake, up. So, I yelled for my teammate. Once I convinced her that yes, there was truly a snake in my room, she got up to help me. Once we determined that it wasn’t poisonous, she set out to catch it. Her first attempt made it escape under my bed. So, we had to prod it with a broom to get it out, she was able to grab it, and we threw it out the door, and into the snow. Poor thing had no clue what it was getting into leaving warm Marin County. If this snake’s still alive, it’s endured three snowfalls so far, quite different from the 80 degree weather we were experiencing in Marin County.

Besides my animal encounter, things here at Camp Sacramento have been going very well. Most of our work consists of fuel reduction. This means that we are trimming trees to limit the chance that fire can catch from one tree to another. It also means that we are cutting down dead trees and trees that are growing too close together, meaning that the remaining trees can grow healthier. I’m enjoying the work here, partly because it’s in a beautiful location and mostly because the staff is incredibly kind. We leave this Friday and I know everyone is sad to go.

Our next and final round will be at Camp Zanika in Washington. We’ll leave for that in the beginning of June, finish mid July, and then I graduate from AmeriCorps July 24th. I’m falling asleep at my computer right now, but I will try and get a more detailed post up before we leave for Camp Zanika. Oh! One final note though…. congratulation

CONGRATULATIONS TO BRIAN AND ELYSE!!!! A little over a week ago I got to fly home for my brother’s wedding. It was beautiful and fun and perfect. I’m so happy for the newlyweds. And, of course it felt good to be home for a bit, mom’s cookies and anchor cake might have helped too…


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