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Students Guide to Theatre in Paris

One of my favorite advantages of Paris is the number of theaters and the -26 years reduced prices. In Paris there’s a theater around every corner, and, except for the big shows, you can almost always get a ticket for 10 euros or less.

With that in mind, Eliza and I headed to a local theater called La Loge to see the play “Première”. It was a one man show, except for a prop man, where basically the entire plot was that the show couldn’t start because they had forgotten the keys to the stage. However, this one little fact spread off into the most random scenes. Which, you’d think would be distracting, but suddenly I’d be completely immersed in the new scene without having any clue how I got there. It worked very well and was very entertaining.

Because it was a very rainy Wednesday night, there ended up being only three other people in the theatre, who were friends with the actor. So, for ten euros we got our own private show in a local theater right down the street. Not too shabby…

For those theater lovers out there, you’re most important tool in Paris is the Pariscope, a 40 centime guide found at any newspaper stand. A new one comes out every Wednesday, same day that all new shows and movies come out in France. It is the most up to date listing of all shows in Paris, their times, and prices. It also lists descriptions of new shows and all the same information for movies.

Another great way to find out about new shows is to look at the little advertisements in libraries, foyers and the such.

By using the “less than 26 years old” discount, I’ve never paid more than 10 euros for a play. I’ve even paid only 4 euros once, although I could only see half the stage, but it was still an amazing experience.

So, my advice is to find the cheapest play, that grabs your attention for some reason, any reason, and check it out. The plays I’ve seen have never been great famous works, but they were still entertaining. Plays are a great way to explore Paris, try new things, and of course pratiquer le français. 😉


Cité des sciences et de l’industrie

I’ve recently taken to guilting myself about how my priorities are messed up and how I should be exploring Paris instead of watching Friends on my laptop in my warm comfy bed. So, yesterday I decided to do something about it.

Sunday morning, a friend and I headed over to la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, a magnificent science museum in Paris. I didn’t know anything about it, but I love science museums and there was a picture from the hubble movie on the website, so I figured I’d give it a shot. The museum is enormous, with multiple stories including libraries and an IMAX theatre inside a giant shiney ball. Giant Shiney Ball!

We started out at an exhibit filled with cool inventions. Then we headed to play with light, which had basically the same sort of experiments you’d find at the Baltimore science museum or in a high school physics class, apparently science transcends languages. 😛 Then we got half way through learning about the universe when we suddenly realized we had spent three hours there and we had to head home, although, first I played Simon Says with a robot (I won until he started getting crazy).

Hooray for getting out of bed and doing something! I am definitely going back there when it’s warmer and I have more time. There’s a whole park and several exhibits I didn’t have time to explore.