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J’ai un Frigo, with strange frozen things living inside it.

I woke up this morning and headed to the first day of my internship. I made sure to get there early, and look nice and pretty and all that. It turns out though, that it’s pretty laid back except it’s all really chic women, who gossip while they work. Basically I went in, met Marine, who must be high up in the hierarchy because she told me what to do and had the key. She gave me the tour, which consisted of one room and telling me that the upstairs and downstairs existed. We had coffee (me tea), they had a smoke (could not for the life of me figure out the other woman’s name), and then they figured out an estimate for their latest client. It was cool watching them be so comfortable touching and working on the paintings. I even got to pick one up because they needed to take a picture and it was too big for one person to move, (whoohoo, I touched a painting that was probably centuries old or something! I know the other one in the set was 19th century, so who knows).  Then they kept talking, and more and more women kept appearing, and pretty soon I was sitting in a corner reading a book about art restoration while they all worked and gossiped.

Then, around 12:30 I headed out for my classes.

Phonetics is still my favorite class, but it is definitely a challenge. Right now were working on the difference between words like tu and deux. Which I thought was going to be really simple, but when you day a sentence where the vowels switch back and forth every other word, it’s quite a work out.

In my grammaire class we continued to work on the Subjonctif. It’s annoying because I already know it, but practice is always good and I should enjoy the calm before the storm.

Then I bought some falafel, my favorite treat here, and headed to IFE for Marie’s class. She taught us what we would need to do for our final paper. It has to be 15 pages about our internship. She gave us a very structured format so it shouldn’t be too tricky.

Luckily class finished early so I rushed back home for dinner. I ate with Eliza, Zi-peng, Yoann, Julia, Gabriel, Peter, et Gregoire. We tend to always sit with them, which I wouldn’t mind because they’re all really really cool and funny. Like today we taught each other weird phrases in our native languages. Such as Calm down and Simmer down, a way to say “I don’t care” in French that I forget but it involved an onion, and I believe how to say I’m lying in Chinese.

Apres ca, I ran up to my room to wait for Oscar to deliver my Frigo. He was kind enough to get some of his friends to bring it up to me room, so I didn’t life a finger. The fridge itself is a little messy, there’s some sort of pasta like substance in the freezer that won’t come out, but I didn’t have to do a thing, and I think it’ll work really well for my nine months. Also, it’s big enough that I can let other people leave some stuff, so now we can stop buying sandwiches all the time.

Right now I need to go finish my homework so I can fall asleep and dream of the ice cream I’m going to buy tomorrow and put in my noodley freezer. 🙂




I basically spent my Saturday in my room being a bum after the big night out.

My big accomplishment for Saturday was that I found a Fridge! There’s a bulletin board in the foyer where people can leave notices like “need a babysitter” or “selling my tv”, and recently somebody put up “Frigo, 80 euros, 1.4 meters”. So, I knocked on the guys door, checked out the fridge, and he said he’d sell it to me. He even said he’d get some friends to help bring it to my room :-D. Also, one of the best parts if that it’s not just a fridge, but it also has a freezer!

For dinner Eliza and I decided to explore and see what we could find. We ended up at Café Leopard by the Charonne metro stop. It had these amazing burgers, which was exactly what I needed after all the french sandwiches I’ve been eating. The only weird thing was they put “cheddar” cheese on every burger, even if there was already another cheese. And the cheddar cheese here is really nasty american cheese.

After that Eliza, Rabi, and I attempted to meet up with Lauren and some friends. We ended up in an Irish pub by Saint-Michel. Everything was overpriced because it’s Saint Michel, but it was nice to meet Lauren’s roommates and just hang out.

So, that was my Saturday.