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Si j’entends un autre mot d’anglais, je vais tuer quelqu’un.

Today started out pretty normal. I went to my stage, sat in on the art history class, worked up the courage to actually ask if there was something I should do afterwords, and then ate my lunch at mon stage. I felt pretty darn good, I didn’t hide in the corner or feel lost at all, big progress for shy me. Then I left early in case someone decided to screw up ligne 4 again, and got to Saint Michel with some extra time. So, I read the newspaper inside Shakespeare and Company, which happens to be the only warm free place I’ve found near my class, unless I wanted to sit inside Notre Dame, but that’s probably not all that warm.  Went to my Grammar class, learned about the different uses of plus-que-parfait and wrote funny stories for practice. Then I headed over to IFE where we had a special guest lecturer about Discrimination and Racism in France. It was really interesting, and fun to listen to somebody speak really fast French. After that we rushed back to get to the cafeteria before it closed. I decided to not eat there though, because the food looked particuarly bad today, and I’m imposing new rules on myself so that I don’t go to sleep hungry every night. So, instead of picking at the foyer dinner, I bought some Kebab to eat after I hung out with everybody else while they ate. And not I’m full and very glad about my decision. 🙂

So, all in all it was a good day. I’m just very annoyed because I can’t seem to escape English. People speak English during my French class, then I go home and all the Americans speak English. Even if I speak French they don’t switch. In America I randomly switch into French, so I was really looking forward to living in a country where I could really embrace my love for the language, but proving difficult to find people to speak with. Then I thought that maybe I’d have more luck next semester, but it seems like people in that program speak English all the time too. O well, I’ll figure something out. I may just have to join some clubs eventually and spend more time away from the foyer. Which is really sad, but if I don’t become fluent this year will have been a waste.

Anyhoo, it’ll all work out.

Note: I’ve basically stopped mentioning the strikes because they’ve become normal life for me, but I’ll sum it up here. The strikes have been happening for over a week now, every day. They don’t affect me too much except the lines are more crowded and sometimes slower. Although yesterday line 4 stopped working, but that might have just been a bomb threat or something. When I read the newspapers and talk to people I hear about how the strikes are affecting planes and cars because people can’t buy gas or something. Also, in other cities such as Lyon, there is some violence. Highschoolers and blocking the entrance to their schools with trash cans, or spreading trash through cities, or random stuff like that. The violence generally happens when high schoolers get involved because they’re not as organized and don’t work with the police to make sure the protests are peaceful. Apparently the government is suppose to vote soon, which may end the strikes, but there’s lots of loopholes so no one really knows. Also, the general opinion seems to be that the strikes don’t change anything, and that Sarkozy will do what he wants in the end.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight!

Bonne nuit tout le monde!