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Oh la poste, tu es trop rigolo

In basically every book I have ever read about French culture, there is always a reference to horrible experiences at the post office. So, here I am to offer the funny side to it.

Today, I had to run an errand for my stage by going to the post office, sending out some letters and picking up a lot of stamps. So, I got in line, and prepared myself for numerous line cuts and obnoxious employers, as I’ve been warned about by many books. As I’m waiting, a man comes over, and tells me I need to use the machine instead. So, I explain to him that I’m not just here to by two stamps, I’m here to buy a bucket full and send some complicated letters. To which he says, well, your paying with a credit card, right? So it’s ok. But, I’m not paying with a fancy carte bleu, just plan old cash, so he agrees that I was right in the first place and lets me get back in line.

I thought that was the end of it, until, he starts talking to his colleague about me, and they pull out a calculator to find out just how many books of stamps I need, and how long that would really take if I just used the machine. After a bit, they realize that, yes, the machine would still take longer than a real live human being. But, apparently I’m too complicated for the poor lady at the desk, so, another lady heads in the back just to get my obnoxiously large order of stamps. When she comes out, she brings me over to another man, who opens up a booth just to take care of my stuff.  He turns out to be a very nice guy, even asked questions about the museum and how much it would cost for his daughter. He even doesn’t mind when I have to pay part in cash and part by credit card.

So, instead of having a stressful time à la poste, I got special treatment and to laugh at the…. for lack of a better word, dorks (in the best cutest silliest form of the word) that work there.

Voila, mon histoire pour le jour.

Update on my life: Pretty much everyone has left on vacation, so it’s pretty tranquille for me. Lots of watching TV with the cool kids who stayed in the foyer with me. Memoire is stressful, visits are getting better and better, and ya, that’s life.

Bonne soirée tout le monde!

p.s. Forget if I’ve said this, but I’m just so happy, I’m taking French, Spanish, and Arabic next semester! Finally! It’s gonna be awesome!!!!



Cutest little French girl ever, and it’s translated. Enjoy.

Merci à Colleen for finding this for me. 🙂

A penny for your thoughts

I don’t really have anything to update. But I’m sitting in IFE and everyone else is one the computer alors I figured I’d try and remember some things I notice in France.

  • Les odeurs: Every time I turn a corner, there’s a new smell. Whether it’s smoke, a chocolate store, cologne, perfume, merde, pollution, flowers, or just l’hiver in the air. It’s definitely a work out for my nose and something I’ve never experienced before even in NYC.
  • The guys in my foyer tend to be nicer than the girls, and there’s more of them. I don’t know if it’s just by chance or a cultural thing or what, but I really haven’t met any nice girls, besides Pengpeng who’s chinese.
  • There’s a lot of homeless people and there’s quite a variety of them. Some are pretty forceful and a lot have dogs.
  • I’m not sure what to make of MacDonalds here. One of my Moroccan friends is obsessed with it (so if someone could do me a favor and take some pics of McD’s at home that would be awesome), and most people don’t seem as concerned with how bad it is for you. The just don’t think about eating there anyway.
  • There’s not much wifi and the libraries close early, although I am pretty darn spoiled at Goucher.
  • The android system works the same here. I played with my friends HTC phone for a while last night, so I’ve been re-addicted to the Droid and will be stealing his portable quite a lot.
  • It’s really funny to listen to other nationalities speak english, and I’m glad to return the favor with my silly american accent. (ask a frenchy to say puzzle and I’ll be laughing for hours. Puuz-le)

Well, I think that’s all I have for today. I’m sure I’ll add more to the list though.

A plus tard.