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Paris, written august 24th

8/24/2010 8:49:34 PM

I’m in Paris! It’s almost nine and the sun is finally below the buildings. You can still see just fine though, it’s crazy.
I woke up at 4am Iceland time to catch my 7:40 flight. I felt sad leaving Iceland because everything is so pretty, but it’s so small and cold that I don’t think I could ever visit it for long. I tried to find an “I went to Iceland and all I got was this lousy tee-shirt” shirt at the gift shop, but they only had the little kid “Somebody who loves me very much went to Iceland” shirts. They also had one that said “Lost in Iceland” which seemed pretty appropriate, but I didn’t end up buying it. The flight left on time, I had a aisle seat in the front which was nice because I had more room to stretch. Flight took a little less than three hours, so I just read for most of it. Got to Paris, got my luggage, and met up with Jessica who works with IFE. We took a taxi to my dorm, had to wait a bit until the right person came in, so we went for a walk around the area. Signed all the forms, learned about the foyer, and got my room.
My room’s small, but not too small, about the size of Brian’s room if it was long instead of square. There’s lots of storage space but it’s all shelves and no drawers. The view out my window is pretty nice, if I look out I see the city, to the right I can see a tiny bit of the Pantheon and if I look down I see Las Vegas shoes. 
I met up with Emily after I got settled and we walked to Pere Lachaise cemetery to find my Moliere. He hide quite well, but we found him after some walking. His grave’s not all that special, it’s kind of sad. They also put him up really high and fenced him in, so it’s hard to see. Our feet we hurting so we decided to leave Edith Piaf and Jim Morrison for another day.
We also found toilet paper, I had to buy pink, I don’t know if I’ll ever get use to that, and a very nice patisserie. I have a feeling I’ll start eating pastries for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I’m not careful.
I’ve made a few trips to the various supermarkets down the street. I managed to get some supplies, but mostly learned that supermarkets are actually focused on food here and that I’m very bad with using Euros.
I don’t have WiFi in my room, but I’m going to get internet eventually. I could go down to the common area, but I think I need a password and I honestly can’t speak any more French tonight.
I figured out that I can understand pretty much everything people say, but my nervousness and shyness gets in the way of talking, so I’m pretty behind on that skill. But that’s why I’m here in Paris, so hopefully I’ll be better at speaking soon.
Well, I need to go get ready for bed so I can get going tomorrow. I’m pretty excited to actually start GPP and get a phone.
A plus tard!


Picture Perfect – Iceland

I had hard time capturing the crashing wave, but I finally figured it out.

So, I’m going to attempt to put pictures in a post for the first time. Not the smoothest move when my current internet connection will only let me add new posts to my blog and not actually see it. But, we’ll try it out.

Atlantic waves are awesome 🙂

Hello Birdy

Pretty rocks and random bird.

Meet Bob

This is my friend Bob.

Mine mine mine

The wind was so stong that most of the birds just kind of stayed in the same spot.

I have more photos to post, but I’m kind of getting frustrated with these and I need to sleep. So I will just leave you with rocks and birds. 🙂

Look Mom! I’m in Iceland!

So, I  know I said I was headed for Paris. But I had a change of heart, aka a serious flight delay, and decided to stay on the island for the day. Here’s the story.

Sunday, we drove to JFK airport, got there on time, checked the baggage, got through security, ate dinner, bought a magazine, the usual. Everything seemed normal until it was time to board. That’s when we found out that the plane had just gotten to the airport, so they needed 45 minutes to clean it. An hour later we board. All set to go, and a van is stuck in front of the plane and won’t turn on. We wait for the tow truck, wait two hours to get in line, wait in line. Finally take off at 11:35 pm, 3 hours late. And as an added bonus, because of the fuel we burned while waiting, the captain said we would have to have a slower flight.

So, I obviously missed my connection. And apparently Iceland has a dinky little airport that only goes to Paris once a day. So, it was either fly to Munich at 1am tonight, or fly straight to Paris at 7am tomorrow morning. I chose a good nights sleep and no chance of another screwy connection.

Which turned out to be an excellent choice because Iceland is beautiful! As part of the “sorry we screwed up” deal I got for missing my connection, the airport paid to send me to Flughotel, which is a cute airport hotel where I can see the ocean from my window.  After eating my buffet style lunch and updating everyone on why I was not in Paris, I decided I wanted to explore the island. Turns out there’s a very pretty path on the island which leads to a troll’s house and a walking trail. It was so relaxing, I kind of want to make time in my connection to walk that trail every time I go to Europe. It starts out through these beautiful bushes which sound like glass beads brushing up against each other in the wind. Then it turns into a rock path that leads you right on top of the cliff. I felt like I was exploring because you tend to lose the path every ten seconds.

I love people watching here. Especially since it’s really cool to listen to a five year old speak Icelandic.

A plus tard mes amies. I’ll post pictures later, and update more after I’ve had more that 2 hours sleep. 🙂