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What I will miss the most…

Although I’m not leaving for 4 months, thank goodness, there are some things I already know I’ll miss terribly when I get back, or are going to be huge culture shocks that I’ll have to deal with. Again, in no particular order of importance.

  • Noise level. The French live at a perfect noise level for me. When you talk, the whole room doesn’t have to hear. The French pretty much only scream in clubs or at concerts. Which is amazing for me and my silly ears. So, I have a feeling I’m going to be unintentionally rude to many an American when I tell them to please talk a little quieter.
  • Meal time. The French respect food and each others company. They basically do the exact opposite of what I do back home, and I love it. They start eating around 7:30, eat at whatever pace pleases them, while talking and laughing, and then wait for everyone to finish, talk and laugh some more, and then leave as a group. If somebody gets there late, we wait for them. I love it because it’s forced me to really get to know people and enjoy dinner time. Stop and smell the roses and all that. I’m curious if I’ll revert back to my habits of being the first to leave when I get back to the states. Hopefully I can convert everybody to the French way. 🙂
  • While being late generally depends on the person, the French always do what they say they’ll do. If somebody says “Let’s go see a movie” we see a movie. If we’re all eating dinner together, nobody backs out half way through. It’s so nice to have people you can actually rely on.
  • Public transportation. Even the college town shuttle can’t hold a candle to Metro, Bus, and RER in one city.
  • Walking everywhere. I might just start being silly and parking really far away just to enjoy the walk. I’m really spoiled here, the Bastille is a half hour walk, and then half an hour more and I’m at hotel de ville, 15 minutes and St. Michel. If I wanted to, I could walk everywhere here.
  • Kebabbbbbbb
  • Boulangeries that are open until 2 am and have incredibly nice people working there.
  • Dancing with people who know how to dance.
  • The beautiful graffiti, tags just aren’t my kind of art.

This list seems to be getting a bit silly, so I’m going to head to bed. But as with all the other lists, I’ll update it whenever I think of something new.


Update: Here are some silly things I’m going to miss too.

  • Buying Kelloggs cereal where the ingredients are also listed in Arabic.
  • Being told that I sing wonderfully simple because I know how to pronounce the english words correctly.

You know you’ve lived in Paris for too long when….

  1. You get confused when the bathroom light switch is inside the bathroom.
  2. You can walk through certain metro stations without looking at any signs.
  3. You are no longer impressed by Notre Dame.
  4. You have long conversations about where the best and cheapest Kebab is.
  5. You are a regular at the Kebab place.
  6. And the boulangerie
  7. And on your way to becoming a regular at the pizza place.
  8. When you start speaking English by using English verbs in the French way. (I arrive, I arrive!)
  9. While typing, you constantly mix up ‘A’ qnd ‘q’… I mean ‘q’ and ‘a’…..
  10. You’re happiest when the weather is wet, slightly cold, and gray.
  11. You can blast your headphones and still know when the crazy parisien drivers are coming up behind you.
  12. You get sick when the new Americans come because you’re no longer immune to american viruses.

This is all I can come up with for now, but I’ll keep the list going. 🙂 Feel free to add any suggestions.

A penny for your thoughts

I don’t really have anything to update. But I’m sitting in IFE and everyone else is one the computer alors I figured I’d try and remember some things I notice in France.

  • Les odeurs: Every time I turn a corner, there’s a new smell. Whether it’s smoke, a chocolate store, cologne, perfume, merde, pollution, flowers, or just l’hiver in the air. It’s definitely a work out for my nose and something I’ve never experienced before even in NYC.
  • The guys in my foyer tend to be nicer than the girls, and there’s more of them. I don’t know if it’s just by chance or a cultural thing or what, but I really haven’t met any nice girls, besides Pengpeng who’s chinese.
  • There’s a lot of homeless people and there’s quite a variety of them. Some are pretty forceful and a lot have dogs.
  • I’m not sure what to make of MacDonalds here. One of my Moroccan friends is obsessed with it (so if someone could do me a favor and take some pics of McD’s at home that would be awesome), and most people don’t seem as concerned with how bad it is for you. The just don’t think about eating there anyway.
  • There’s not much wifi and the libraries close early, although I am pretty darn spoiled at Goucher.
  • The android system works the same here. I played with my friends HTC phone for a while last night, so I’ve been re-addicted to the Droid and will be stealing his portable quite a lot.
  • It’s really funny to listen to other nationalities speak english, and I’m glad to return the favor with my silly american accent. (ask a frenchy to say puzzle and I’ll be laughing for hours. Puuz-le)

Well, I think that’s all I have for today. I’m sure I’ll add more to the list though.

A plus tard.