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Promod et Pimkie :-)

Right now I’m sitting in my room staring out the window, watching the end of my first Parisien thunderstorm, from my 8th story window. It wasn’t the best storm I’ve ever seen, no where close those Fire Island winds. But watching the lightning shoot across the sky behind the rooftops with smoke billowing out of old fashion chimneys, it just feels pretty darn poetic.

Yesterday I worked on translating the titles of a book about different approaches to retouching paintings. It’s a lot easier than the last book I translated because it’s not some British guy trying to sound all intelligent. The authors are pretty to the point, and don’t add unneeded info to the titles. I worked late because I have an impossible time figuring out the lunch schedule at mon stage. Then I bought a salad and headed over to Saint Michel. I ate in the park, including a wonderful nutella crepe for dessert, finished my homework, and headed to Grammar class. We worked on plus-que-parfait and did a dictée. It’s weird but I love dictées, they’re like a puzzle that involves my favorite thing, French. I don’t know if that makes sense, it’s just my perfect kind of challenge.

After class I did some shopping with Lauren. We headed to Promod and Pimkie where I bought a sweater, a longsleeve shirt, and a pancho. So far my favorite cheap stores in Paris are Promod and Mim, although Pimkie is awesome too. Tati is pretty poor quality, you get what you pay for.

Then I headed back to the foyer for some dinner. Fun fact, apparently the French do science experiments in class just like we do, except they dissect cow’s hearts.

We tried to get a group together, but the foyer was pretty empty. The group ended up going to a café while I had second dinner with Eliza at the Kebab place. So, altogether not an uber exciting Friday night, but I had fun and that’s all that matters.


Woke up a little later than I wanted. I needed to do some research for an exposé (presentation) I have to do on Immigration to Belleville, and the libraries in the area were all open 10-4 Saturday, closed Sunday, so I had planned to wake up early and use all of the little time available. I went to Bibliothèque Couronnes because it has a specialty of “Afrique noire et monde arabe” and it’s also in the Belleville area. I don’t think I actually taped into the specialty at all, because in the history-France-Paris section there were some books on Belleville. They actually had at least one book on every district, just something general, and then some more specialized books on Belleville.  I took a bunch of notes, but none of the books really gave me any reason to check them out. Which was annoying because I needed to check something out so I could show Theirry my library card come Tuesday. He’s always telling us to do stuff and then gets really sad when we don’t go to the museum or take the velib, so now finally I can show him I did something! It was really easy to get the library card. At first they were a little confused at my CT state drivers license, but once they got all my info they didn’t seem to care. I did have to explain that my name was “Jennifer” and now “Jennifer L” and that my birthday is the 11th of April and not the 4th of November.  So now I have access to all the Paris libraries, except certain specialized ones, and I think I can print some things out, but I have to read up on how that works. Also, I signed up for their mailing list so I’m excited to get so info on the local going-ons. After I finished up at the library, I bought some lunch at a local sandwich shop. It was a lot cheaper than even around me, it’s amazing how things change district to district. Also, the lady was really nice, which just my day that much more awesome. Later, I went with Julia to visit Eliza at her stage. The exposition was cool, but a bit too high modern art even for me. Some things just didn’t feel like real art, although others I just wanted to stare at for a while. After that Julia and I tried to do some shopping, but we were in a little too expensive of a district, so we headed home.

For dinner I went out with the group to a Chinese restaurant. I tried to get fried rice and failed, I’m not sure if it exists here because I even asked my Chinese friend to make sure I was ordering the right thing. But it was good anyway, although I miss being able to take food home, it would have made a good lunch for tomorrow. During dinner I got to fulfill a very bizarre lifelong (well, since survivor was around) dream of mine. I ate blood. Pigs blood I believe, processed like tofu into a little rectangle. Funny thing is, it kinda tasted like American cheese, no real taste but just a little something funky there.

After dinner we got back on the metro to go see the movie “The Social Network”. Along the way, I learned that we say masks very funny, and crisps as well, but nobody in the US actually says that. Mask-s. Once we got to the movie theater, I realized that I had no cash and my silly American credit card wouldn’t work with the machine. Basically anytime I have to stick my credit card into something instead of sliding it, it doesn’t work. Luckily Akrame saved me, so I was able to see the film.  The film had subtitles, which normally would bug me, but I don’t really care enough about a facebook movie to translate anything, so it was nice to hear English instead. It was an interesting story, but something you could wait to see. And yes, I agree with the general public, Justin Timberlake can act. After the film we headed home and that’s where I am now. 🙂

I think I just watered down a pretty awesome day. It was my first day where not only did I get multiple things done, but I ate 3 good meals and had dinner with people. Also, I didn’t speak any English at all, except maybe three words to Zipeng and of course repeating “masks”, “crisps”, and “nerd” for the frenchies. Je suis heurese. 😀


Viennoise au chocolat

Last night we decided to make omelettes for dinner, and save some money. It turned out to only cost 2 Euros per person.

Je sais pas pourquoi, mais the eggs here make huge omelettes. Last night I used three eggs for my omelette and it looked like I had used five.

After dinner I attempted to do my laundry. It feels so weird to pay for my laundry after Goucher, I know it’s normal but it will still take a while to remember to bring atleast 4 euros every time.

The dryer didn’t really work. When I went to take out my clothes, everything was still wet and the inside of the dryer was hot and humid. I think I’ll just buy a drying rack and save a euro.

It’s always impossible to tell the weather here. This morning, I walked out my door and I almost went back in for another layer. Then I turned a corner and had to take off a layer because it was too hot, then the next corner was cold again. I guess it’s just how the weather works in a city. But atleast you can always count on the wind being cold, it’s like winter never really leaves.

Stores are almost never open 24/7 here. They’re either closed for the weekend or monday, or even tuesday. I guess since it’s normal its not like they’re really losing money. But it does make shopping interesting. You can never go to every store like in the US, you have to do a little shopping each day, and almost none on the weekend.

My new favorite pastry is a Vinnoise au chocolat. It’s this fluffy, light bread with chocolate chips. I have to make myself eat the free breakfest every day instead of buying one.

Speaking of being cheap, I’m finding more and more ways to save money. Maybe it was my obsession with refashion blogs this summer, but I realized I could turn all the water bottles I’ve been using into storage. I cut the bottles in half, or whatever height I want and voila, a pencil holder.

Well, I don’t know if I’ve really written anything interesting, but I have to go to class. A plus tard!

Micro-onde. Written August 26th

8/26/2010 8:18 PM

Just a little note. I managed to find a good way to eat a really cheap dinner. It’s not the healthiest, but it tasted really good. Microwavable meals. I bought a Chicken, couscous, and veggie dinner for 2.09. It was a little small, but it filled me up just as well as the ham and butter sandwich I keep buying, and now I’ve had my veggies.

Also, I guess now is a pretty busy time because every time I went on the elevator, I was with somebody which never happens. One of the times this guy come in headed to my floor, which is the 7th (well 8th if you americatize it), so he does the whole Bonsoir deal and then asks if I’m new. Which must be really easy to tell, because it’s the second time I’ve been asked. I guess the lost little puppy look tips them off. He also asked if I was from England, which is soooo much better than being asked if you’re American. I may have barely been able to understand the guy’s thick accent, but at least he thought my accent wasn’t quite as bad as the Americans! Whoohoo! I think I’m going to go to bed uber early again tonight, because it seems to help me survive the day. And because the only thing I can think of doing tonight is to try the internet again, and I don’t feel like being disappointed. I did realize that none of the wifis around me are the paris mayor thingy, so I might ask at the front desk how to get internet in my room tomorrow.

One more thing, I am going to run out of hair conditioner pretty soon, and I don’t really like the one I brought, so I finally bought a French beauty supply. I was all proud of myself for remembering that Conditioner is called “after-shampooing” and for not buying the bright green garnier bottles like at home. Then I got back to my room, read all the little details in French, and realized it is Garnier brand, just frenchitized. O well, it sounds like it will work so that’s all that matters. Now I just need to find some French cleaning supplies before my bathroom gets grimy.

On that lovely note, bonne nuit!