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Today was very nice and relaxing. I woke up around 1 again and went with Eliza and Christina for a pique-nique au bois de Vincennes. It’s a very pretty very big park with a castle. Like, a real castle, Chateau de Vincennes. We lazed about for a while just enjoying the sun, since it will be disappearing very soon. It was relaxing to just be a bum for once. And my legs were very happy for a break from walking. The castle was really cool, and my mind didn’t know how to comprehend a castle right next to a city. I kept thinking I would look over the wall and see the ocean.

Then we came back to the foyer, and watched Toy Story with Sophia. Went down to the Salle commun and played a very intense game of Egyptian Ratscrew. I learned that there might be a french version of Egyptian Ratscrew, which just proves to me that card games transcend boundaries and are played throughout the world. Advice to anyone who’s studying abroad, bring cards. It’s honestly how I’ve met and interacted with a lot of people.

So, today wasn’t filled with tons of exciting crazy new things, but I needed the break and it really makes me happy to feel this comfortable here. Now I just need to find my own niche and friend group and life will be parfait!


Sur la Seine, Written August 30th

8/30/2010 10:47 AM

Yesterday I was so wrapped up in my own little world, I forgot to write for my blog, so here it goes.

I woke up late again Sunday, and basically lazed about until Eliza called to see if I wanted lunch. We bought sandwiches and dessert au super-marché et puis ate them at un “espace vert”, basically a tiny park near our foyer with benches and an awesome playground for kids. For dessert we had tiramisu which came in a cup made of glass, so we saved and washed them and now I finally have an actual cup!

Then I did some shopping and bought things to clean the bathroom, a dustpan, laundry detergent, and the important things like that. Then we met up with Christina and Sophia at Pere Lachaise cemetery. We managed to find Edith Piaf, thanks to a tour group surrounding her grave, and then we went to a café for some chocolate chaud. The weather here is turning cold fast, it’s kinda sad. I like winter, but I was hoping for at least a week more of warmer weather.

I also bought a little rug for my room, it’s really small and really cheaply made, but it helps make my room feel like less of a hotel.

It turns out that the best place to buy supplies is not au super-marché ou à MonoPrix, mais at these little bazaars in our quartier. They’re filled to the brim with cheap random things. For example, at Monoprix it cost about a euro for one fork, at the bazaar it coast 1.50 euros for 6 forks. They’re not the best forks in the world, but since I have to buy almost all my supplies here, where with each purchase there is a 3% conversion rate, it doesn’t really matter how great the forks are.

After all our wandering yesterday, we chose to have a pique-nique dinner on the pont des arts. We bought all our supplies and it only ended up costing about 4 or 5 euros a person, which is cheaper than most formules. We ended up eating along the seine near the pont des arts, and it was magnificent. The food was good, the view was good, and we truly felt parisien when the tourists on the bateau-mouche started filming us. 😛

After dinner we went back to our foyers. Eliza and I watched some TV and socialized in the sale commun, and then went to bed.

I think I got everything, a plus tard.