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Today was very nice and relaxing. I woke up around 1 again and went with Eliza and Christina for a pique-nique au bois de Vincennes. It’s a very pretty very big park with a castle. Like, a real castle, Chateau de Vincennes. We lazed about for a while just enjoying the sun, since it will be disappearing very soon. It was relaxing to just be a bum for once. And my legs were very happy for a break from walking. The castle was really cool, and my mind didn’t know how to comprehend a castle right next to a city. I kept thinking I would look over the wall and see the ocean.

Then we came back to the foyer, and watched Toy Story with Sophia. Went down to the Salle commun and played a very intense game of Egyptian Ratscrew. I learned that there might be a french version of Egyptian Ratscrew, which just proves to me that card games transcend boundaries and are played throughout the world. Advice to anyone who’s studying abroad, bring cards. It’s honestly how I’ve met and interacted with a lot of people.

So, today wasn’t filled with tons of exciting crazy new things, but I needed the break and it really makes me happy to feel this comfortable here. Now I just need to find my own niche and friend group and life will be parfait!


Alors, on danse!

So,  these posts are a bit blah so I’m just putting them together. There’s less to write partially because I was tired and partially because everything’s starting to feel normal. I’ll try to get back in to the extreme blogging groove again soon. But this weekend, I’m enjoying being a bum.

9/4/2010 2:21 AM

Alors, on danse!

Today was just full of things of do, and I loved it, but now I’m just kind of exhausted.

Started out by going to IFE to study and use the internet. Had class with Marie where we learned about French music. Ate a quick lunch, went to the Sorbonne to take our placement tests. Went back to the foyer. At dinner at the foyer restaurant for the first time. Everyone says its bad, but its really pretty good so far. It’s just not great for French food. Eliza and I ate dinner with this English guy from the foyer. Its cool to compare countries and all that. Then we met up with Jessica for a bateau-mouche ride sur la seine. Then walked around like crazy. Then came back to the foyer and had tea with the boys and just hung out. It’s nice to start reacing the point where I can just relax and hang out.

There were a lot of details that I was going to write, but I’m way too tired.

Bonne nuit.

9/5/2010 2:56 AM

Woke up around 1 today, stayed in bed for a while. Ate lunch with Eliza and Pengpeng, who is an excellent cook. Acted in a short film for Yoen from the foyer, my line was “All clear, let’s go”, tres important. Played pingpong and just hung out with some of the foyer kids. Spent the evening with Jessica and the GPPers dancing. Good fun relaxing day.