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Idleness is the holiday of fools – Fortune Cookie

Hello again. 🙂 I promise I’ll write about all my amazing adventures this summer, or at least explain about what I’ve done. However, I have a nice little reverse culture shock story that I wanted to share. Now that I’ve returned to the States to finish my college career, I imagine this blog will turn into reverse culture shock stories, coping stories, or fun facts about France/French stories. I’ll try not to turn it too much into a personal blog, because honestly, a blog without a theme is just no fun. Anyway, here goes.

Tonight I went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant with my best friend and her family. Just to clarify, dinner was great, and I had a good time, this story’s about cultural differences, nothing else. Anyway.
As we were eating, we got talking and before I knew it they were starting to clear the table. As I had not yet finished eating, I grabbed what I could and figured I would finish eating as they cleared the table instead of holding people up. But, before I could finish my plate, the table was cleared, the bill was given, fortune cookies were out, and a wet towel was being shoved in my face, as I was still eating. I was shocked. I knew that America was different, I knew that speed is important, you never have to ask for the check because it is always given as soon as you finish, I knew all that. But I never remember it feeling so violent. Shouldn’t you wait for the last person to finish before clearing the table? Maybe put the wet towel politely next to her plate and let her chew? Have the French put my expectations that high? Maybe I’m still adjusting, all I know is my head hasn’t stopped spinning since I left the place and I’m still hungry….