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Hunger Games

Quick update before I go watch The Hunger Games.
Yesterday, a team mate and I made dinner for the entire team (12 people total). We made chicken stir fry with veggies and rice. Luckily, my team mate knows how to cook, so I did most of the prep work and left the cooking to her.


As a team we share a kitchen with one other team (a fridge and storage unit for each team, shared counter space, microwave, and other cooking supplies) and 2 stoves with 3 other teams (meaning we have to walk across the hall to use a stove). Sharing everything hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be, except that we only have one big pot, and tonight two teams needed it at the same time. Tonight, two team members cooked spaghetti with red sauce, salad, and garlic bread. It was delicious, but I forgot to take a picture. Most of this food comes from Walmart in Cedar Rapids. Its a longer drive away, but it means we can buy more food. Shopping for food today made me feel like the Duggars, especially when we had to buy seven bags of potatoes and six loaves of bread.

Today we had a meeting with a FEMA representative who explained what we will be doing. My entire team has the same job as public assistance. This is not an official description, but here’s a general idea of what I will be doing. I will be working with the local government to create plans to repair damage done to public property (schools, bridges, roads etc). I will get to see the damage if we get to a disaster early, either way I will also be doing paperwork, inputting data into the computer, and gathering information. Another good thing is that FEMA and NCCC are looking into how we might be able to shadow other FEMA workers, so I could spend a day learning the environmental side of a disaster, or external affairs, etc.

Alright, sorry for the quick post but it is time for some Hunger Games. 😀 Here’s a pretty Vinton sunset before I go.





Half way to somewhere

Today we kept on painting, here’s some photos from yesterday to show our progress. I don’t believe any photos were taken today, but every wall has a new color now, some with two layers.

Not my best look in the word, but you try being photo ready after painting all day!

Gotta get those high spots.


Work was tiring but good, I’m starting to figure out the French work habits and how to properly take a “pose”, tres important.

After work I wasted some time exploring the bibliotheques of les halles. The music library is amazing because it’s the only library I’ve ever been in with music playing in the background, perfect for my work habits. Unfortunately that area only has 4 chairs, I counted, not very useful for big projects. There is a work room, but it’s quiet and serious. There’s also a media room where you can listen to CDs (I recommend Yann Tiersan with his new album Dust Lane, not to buy but just for some new sounds), watch films, or do music related research. Unfortunately no facebook access in this library. After that I headed to the cinema library. There’s internet access if you sign up, which costs some. You can also watch DVDs, something I thing I’m going to take advantage of after work one day.

After that I headed down ligne 7 to meet up with Elaine for her birthday dinner. It was my  first time eating Chinese food in the Chinese district, and I have to say not bad. Although a tad more expensive than normal Chinese food, but still less expensive than normal restaurants.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I went into a little boutique near my stage today, where they had the most beautiful scarves. They were half price, but for 60 euros I had to pass. Tant pis… Maybe they’ll magically have a 75% off sale next week. 🙂

How I spent my day….

Now that they’ve packed up and taken away all the materials from the old expo, it was time to hide those silly surrealist walls and make way for the NY metro.

So, I spent my whole day painting, debating what color goes where and the best way to reach behind the pipes at the top of the wall, without falling off the ladder.

I had the most amazing lunch ever. We went to a sushi place down the street for take out, and I got the 11.50 euro menu, which included 8 california rolls, 4 big pieces of salmon sushi, crudités, miso soup, rice, and a petit dessert. I wasn’t even able to finish everything I felt so full. Which also immediately put me in a food coma, not a good idea at lunch time, luckily the frenchies just assumed I was tired from painting lol. So, if you’re looking for good sushi in Paris, check out Meiko (27 rue du bouloi, 75001 Paris).

After work, I headed to Les Halles to do some shopping because I’ve decided that after buying pretty much no clothes, except for crappy layers from Tati, all of last semester, I need to come back from Paris with some good clothes. Also, springtime fashion is out, and spring time is my time, so I figure I’m more likely to find stuff I actually like. With all that in mind, I headed first into “New Look”, a store from the U.K., and found a nice shirt. Success! I used some Christmas money for this shirt, so… Thank you Datzs! I’ll have to show you the shirt up in Maine. Amanda, I think you’ll approve.

Now, I’m just waiting for dinner so I can finish today, wake up, and paint everything all over again for the second coat. 🙂

20 days until spring! Happy thoughts!

Encore, la patinoir!

Just came back from almost two hours of ice skating. It was marvelous, skating with all my foyer friends right outside of hotel de ville. But, man, am I tired now. It took a bit to get going, I’m always nervous on the ice at first, but thankfully there are plenty wonderful ice skaters at the foyer, so I just held on to them! We had quite the mixture with some kids doing crazy jumps and twists, and others on the ice for the first time (who were extremely brave and kept going even after falling). 🙂

Yesterday, I went to BHV for the first time. It’s this huge department store outside Hotel de Ville. We went to get my friend a new phone and ended up just wandering around looking at all the toys (hardly enough Lego products, but I think they were just all sold out) and other funky stuff. My whole time here I hadn’t gone to BHV because it looked like it would be really expensive. While it’s not at all cheap, it’s nowhere near as bad as Printemps or Galleries Lafayette.

Other than that I’ve mostly been bumming around, watching movies and hanging out with friends. Not the best of plans, but I’ve managed to do something interesting almost every day and I will have to wake up at 7:30 every morning once classes start. So, I don’t feel too bad about relaxing now.

Hope all the New Englanders are enjoying the snow that facebook told me you’re having. 🙂 I sure am enjoying the warm weather here.

Bonne nuit!