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Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

I have been horrible at updating for a bit, but there’s a good explanation to go with it.

1st, I’ve been stressing out over my stage, trying to start doing visits with the kids and figuring out how that all works and the best way to do everything. So, while everything’s been good, I didn’t want to just blog about work frustrations because a) that’s not what this blogs about and b) this blog isn’t exactly private and I love my stage too much to risk creating conflict over the internet.

2nd, I’ve been dealing with some money issues. The short version is that while I was hanging out with friends in the common room, I left my purse on the chair and must have left the room for a sec but figured it was ok because friends we there, and somebody made copies of all my credit cards. Everything’s been blocked, all the money taken has been put back, and new cards are on the way. No worries, but for any future study abroaders or people in general, never ever leave your purse out in the open, even with friends around, you never know when people are going to be distracted and a stranger walks in and takes advantage. Like I said, everything’s fine now but I didn’t exactly have anything interesting to post throughout all that.

3rd, life is just crazy. I don’t think I’ll be posting a whole lot this semester. I’m having a hard time balancing stage, memoire, and friends. I’ve been moving too slow with my memoire, and working on the weekend never happens here, so I think I’m just going to stop having a life, go to the library after work, and shut myself out a bit until I know what I’m doing. Also, I’ve gotten into a kind of routine here in Paris, so it’s no longer useful to post what I do every day because it’s mostly the same. Even the weekend tends to be, woke up late, ate late, did nothing, ate late, stayed up late. Nothing too special.

But, here’s some fun updates.

I’ve started doing visits at my stage, and while it’s tricky, I learn something from every one, and feel more comfortable every time. Friday I had this huge group of kids that didn’t listen at all, and felt so annoyed during it, but now I know what to do next time and feel confident enough to do big groups.

Today, it’s 24 degrees C outside, aka in the 70s! So, we all went to Bois de Vincennes and sat in the park soaking up the sun. I just laid around and let the stress fall away, it was wonderful. We had ourselves a little picnic, so I brought PB&J for my contribution and I found a non-American who likes it! Go Philippe!

Hope everyone in the states is having a wonderful weekend, the sun will come your way soon!




Post number 100! Whoohoo!

100 posts in 6 months, I’m pretty impressed with myself since all my childhood journals had the same entry, “Maybe this time I’ll actually keep writing….”

Keeping the blog going has been easier than I thought it would. Partly because I’m so happy here and I know I’ll forget things if I don’t write them down, it’s just how my brain works. And partly because I know my mom (Salut mommy!) and some other relatives read the blog, and I love being able to keep in touch with them, even if it’s in our funky 21st century way. Whether any future study abroaders have looked at the blog (another reason I thought of starting it), I have no clue, but you never know.

This week has been insane, and it’s not slowing down. Monday I had mon stage in the morning, where we continued to clean and clean for the inauguration, and carry lots of supplies all over the building, almost ran out of space. After that I had my class at IFE where we learned about Greece and the EU during a presentation and I believe the institutions… I’ve discovered I’ve had enough of the EU and need to find some way to keep myself interested in this class, we’ll see how that goes.

Tuesday went by fast. In the morning we cleaned all the paint stains of the floor in the exposition. After that we went over the exposition a bit as a group, got dressed in our Keith Haring gear, and got to work. I spent my night surveilling the artwork (Ne touchez pas s’il vous plait, c’est les vrais oeuvres, tres fragile, merci) and cleaning wine glasses, I believe we went through 40 sum odd bottles. All in all, opening night was a great success and I was exhausted by the time I got home.

Today, I woke up and headed up north to the Prefecture de la Police to renew my visa, which thanks to slowpoke bureaucracy and forms is expired (btws, legal to stay in france with an expired visa for 2 months). I got there a half hour early, went though security, and got my number. Everything moved pretty fast, the lady was nice, everything was well until, dun dun dun, I didn’t have my numero d’agreement! What is that? No clue! And whatever it is, IFE doesn’t have it. So, I get to go back on friday and give them a very pretty letter from IFE explaining that we don’t have said numero but here is all the information you could possibly need. I was just a tad bit frustrated after going up north, missing work for the morning, and not getting what I needed, so I grabbed some MacDo and headed to the museum. There I got to observe one of the visits while guarding the artwork, a new task now that there’s real art work at stake. It was interesting to watch since we really are in the process of figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Keeping the kids from touching the work was a whole other story. They understand that paintings are not to be touched, that’s easy basic knowledge. However, there’s a kids size yellow race car which just calls to them. You can see it in their eyes, every kid who passes wants to touch it, heck I want to, it’s freaking cool. It’s really tricky to figure out which kid will just be tempted and which kid will actually act on it. I’m hoping we put up some actual barriers, because it sucks to keep a kid at a distance and have to act like the security guard with everybody who comes in. After work, I attempted to do some shopping because during the beautiful 18 degree C weather we had today, I realize that jeans and a pea-coat aren’t going to be comfortable for long on the metro. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any luck, but hopefully more skirts will be out before the real heat waves. Tonight, one of our Goucher friends came for a visit, so Zipeng cooked us all a big dinner. It was nice to catch up, and just not eat cantine food.

Post 100, fini, je doit dormir. But I’ll leave you with a very important video for learning French.

or alternatively, because I am a vrai connecticutian

J’ai besoin de dormir

I promise I will actually update soon. However, today was a little too crazy to have time to actually write what’s going on.

Instead, I leave you with a link that explains how I’m currently feeling about traveling in Europe.


This is a former GPPer who lived in the same foyer I’m in now. While I never thought of food the way he does, I do think my experiences at the foyer are just as important as any time spent adventuring through Europe. I have nine months here, I’m sure I’ll travel at some point. But for now, I barely have time to explore Paris let alone Europe.