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Les Vacances

After months of stressing over my stage and classes, and trying to balance them with spending time with all my amazing friends, I am finally on vacation. Sunday morning, I woke up around 5 am to go to the airport and pick up my cousin. Sunday we tried to keep busy to ward off Jet Lag. We planned out our week, including a 3 day trip to Germany next week, had lunch with Zipeng, and walked around Père Lachaise Cemetery. Yesterday, we slept in and then decided to head to the Louvre. We walked around the Louvre, managing to see the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, Venus de Milo, old Louvre Moat and the Napoleon Apartments.  Then we walked around the Tuileries Gardens, stopping to rest next to a fountain where kids were playing with wooden boats. Then we walked along the Champs Elysée, taking AC breaks in stores like Virgin. Finally we walked up all 284 stairs of the Arc de Triomphe. We ended it all by going home, eating a Kebab, and heading to bed.

Here’s some photos from the fountain.



Café, written august 28th

8/28/2010 2:33 AM

Today was very very long, so I probably won’t describe much, I just want to note what I did.

I woke up, went to IFE early so that we could use the internet there. Went to class, learned about the history of Paris, how certain quartiers are changing, how there’s not an intellectual quartier anymore, and the qualities and defaults of parisiens. It was a cool class because my prof made sure to ask questions that would get us talking and had us read things aloud and then go over them piece by piece. I thought I would have trouble staying awake, but with only four people in class and an interesting class it was pretty easy.

Then Christina, Sophia, et moi went to an algerienne restaurant for some couscous, at a very good price. We stopped by their foyer and I got to see just how very spoiled I am. Then we headed towards the Eiffel tower to explore a bit before our next activity, found out the activity had changed so we just switched the metro to the other direction. Walked around the Notre Dame area, saw le Sorbonne, some touristy spots that are nice because they’re open late, walked along the river. Then we decided it was far too cold so we stopped for some chocolate chaud and ended up talking for atleast two hours, so that it was ten pm before we realized we were starving and needed some dinner. Bought falafas, walked some more, headed home.

Eliza and I played cards with the other students again, although this time they also taught us some games.

And then we realized it was 2 am and the common area was closing, so now I’m in bed and very very tired.

A plus tard.