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Wow, so I’m almost a month behind on updating. I need to find a new way to go about blogging. Here’s an extremely general sum up of what I’ve been doing.

This past weekend, all 21 teams drove from Vinton, Iowa to Anniston, Alabama (a two-day trip across seven states) to switch from NCCC training to FEMA training. Right now we are staying on an old military base for two weeks (one week left at this point) to complete our training before going off on our first service project. We are completely and utterly spoiled here. The dorms are two people to a room, which shares a bathroom with the room next door. Maids come and switch out our towels ect, laundry is still free, and the food is all you can eat amazingness. The food can get a little heavy, very much an American diet, but who can complain when cake is available at essentially every meal. I have yet to meet a FEMA employee who is not extremely nice, helpful, and excited that we are here. We’ve also been given our work Blackberries and Laptops, its nice to have them, but at the same time they are extremely restricted to work only use, so I’m still getting use to having a laptop, but needing to go to the computer lab to check my facebook.

Some fun stuff I’ve been able to do outside of training:
Yesterday, I went to the Terrortorium, a very scary very well done haunted house. Today, we hiked in the Cheaha State Park. It felt amazing to get outside our gated living arrangements and away from the noise of Amerilife. We also drove up the highest peak in Alabama and saw some amazing views of the area (aka, the beginning of the Appalachian trail).

Alright, times up, back to work. 🙂 As usual, I will try and update more, I really do miss being able to blog regularly. I may try and use twitter to keep people updated as to what I’m doing and where I am. My twitter name is Parlezfranglais and you can see it on the right side of my blog. Also, feel free to call me if you have any questions or want to hear about all the things I haven’t gotten around to posting. There are some things about FEMA Corps that I would love to talk about, but don’t want to post because once things are on the internet, you can never take them down, and I’m not sure how things are going to be run next year. Also, while I don’t have much time to wait in line at the computer lab, then wait for the internet to speed up, I do have time for a phone call, please don’t hesitate to call me (or send me a message if you don’t know me personally).

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, and to those back home in Southington, I hope you stuffed yourselves with Apple Fritters, I can’t wait to enjoy my frozen fritters come winter break!


Today was probably one of the easiest days that I will have for a while. This morning we had a very nice 9/11 remembrance event with the whole corps. After that, we all had training for our individual Rep Roles (Roles that we fill for the NCCC side of things, not part of our FEMA roles). My role is Project Outreach Liason. This means that another team member and I are responsible for various tasks including running a community day while on one of our assignments. We look at the needs of the community, what non-profits are there, and work with them to provide an event (cleaning up a park, working with kids, habitat for humanity, working in animal shelters, etc etc etc anything you can think of) for the community. This first bit of training definitely got me pumped for my role, and I can’t wait to find out where I’m going first so that I can research some possible opportunities.

After all that my roommate and I headed in to town to check out the library. We each signed up for library cards (no actual card involved) and checked out 3 dvds that we get to keep for a week, saving us the three dollars that it takes to rent a dvd for a couple of days. We also went into the dollar store, which is huge, and has just about anything you could think of. Although, I haven’t found any “Vinton” postcards yet, I may have to take a peek into town hall for that.

Dinner tonight was amazing, two teammates cooked tacos with every possible topping imaginable. We were all completely stuffed by the end. Tonight was the first dinner that we really all ate as a team, we’ve eaten together plenty of times before, but usually someone is missing or runs off before everyone else is finished. It was reassuring to spend some time as a team, especially since we spent most of the time laughing. At the end of dinner, we had a meeting to discuss tomorrows schedule. Which is when I found out that I have muster at 5:10, PT at 5:15, which finishes at 6, after which we need to be at the van by 6:40 to drive to Iowa City for a team building “ropes course” (sans ropes). Thank goodness for pretty Iowa sunsets to keep me sane.




Sidenote: Yesterday, I got trained to drive the 15 passenger van. It definitely was a little freaky at first. Two of the guys drove before me, they drove through rolling hills and fields and lots of middle of nowhere. So, I figured, ok, I’m set. Then our trainer asks us “Does anyone know what road were on?” “Blairs Ferry, hey, there’s a Blairs Ferry Road in Cedar Rapids” “Well yeah, because you’re about to drive into Cedar Rapids.” So, I had no gently rolling hills, instead I dealt with traffic lights, parking lots, pedestrians, and lots of people deciding to turn at the last minute. In the end, I passed, my only trouble spot was turning into a parking spot. I almost took the turn to sharp, but we caught it, backed up, and fixed the problem. And now I know, always park in the middle of no where and always take wide turns. I definitely feel comfortable driving the van, but I’m also actually happy that the max speed in the government van is 65 mph. And now that I’ve shopped for 12 people and can drive a 15 passenger van, I’m all set to join the Duggars on a wild adventure. 🙂


I’ve been having a hard time thinking of what to write here. So far, I’ve mostly been kept busy with training (on policies such as not using the government computers for gambling), learning about the campus (the reason we can’t hang things … Continue reading

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