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Camp Zanika

Well, we’ve arrive at Camp Zanika, outside of Leavenworth, WA. It took us two days to drive here, which meant we were able to stop at a hotel with a pool and hot tub, which was quite the luxury for us. Yesterday, we drove from Oregon to Washington. When we arrived in Leavenworth we discovered that it is truly a Bavarian town. Every building looks Bavarian, even the McDonalds and Subway.
Continuing on towards the camp, we passed through beautiful forests and by waterfalls. This part of Washington reminds me of Maine, just everything is bigger, from the trees to the mountains. It even smells like Maine, which is a big plus for me. At camp, we were welcomed and given a brief tour of the place, including our living arrangements. We had the choice between cabins that were a 5 minute hike away or platform tents in camp, half the team chose tents, half cabins.
Right now, camp is not yet in session, but for three days an Outdoor Education group of 5th graders is here. Today, we got to shadow counselors teaching activities from ropes course, leave no trace, outdoor living skills, and canoeing. Tonight, we’ll be making s’mores and watching skits the kids created. I’ve been loving our time here so far, it’s been like going to camp myself. Tomorrow, the kids leave and we receive our orientation. Then Monday, the real work should begin, chainsawing and hauling downed trees.
This weekend, we’ll most likely hike to a local lake and explore Leavenworth. So far, I’m very happy with this round.