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Joyeux Anniversaire!!!

Why yes, today is my birthday. 😛

This weekend, I fully allowed myself to relax and enjoy my birthday. Friday night Zipeng made dinner, and we watched Glee since we were all too exhausted to go out dancing. Saturday we went on an epic shopping trip, in search for some much needed skirts. We started out at Basilique St-Denis, the go to place for cheap shopping aka amazing wedges for 14 euros. This also happens to be the least touristy part of Paris, which made it kind of a shock when we went straight from there to the Champs Elysée H&M. Thankfully I managed to find some lovely, and cheap, skirts, so now I can stop feeling like I’m going to pass out in my jeans on the stuffy metro.

That night, we all had dinner together, wonderfully put together by Johanna, Eliza, and Saphia while Philippe, Zipeng, and I sat back and watched the Simpsons. Then, at the end of the meal, Philippe bailed before doing his part of the dishes, I was all set to give him a hard time when he walked in with a birthday cake, trick candles and all. 😀 I seriously love my Foyer family, I just wanna stop time and live like this forever. After dinner, we realized we were once again exhausted and watched some more Glee.

Today, I brought double stuf oreos and peanut butter to work to share a very important tradition with the Frenchies: dunking oeros into peanut butter à la Lindsey Lohen in Parent Trap. Most were confused at the very idea and excited about the extra creme in the oreos. Surprisingly most people liked the combination, but were shocked when I told them that, yes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a normal part of a kids diet, and yes I do eat oreos often back home, and yes oreos come in all sorts of colors and types.  I got a wonderful surprise when the other interns started singing “Appy birthday to youuuu, appy birthday to youuu”, they all gave me wonderful hand-made cards. My stage just keeps giving me reasons to love it more. 🙂

After work, I headed over to IFE for my European Union class. As usual, I had a horrible time paying attention and kept spacing out, so I started doodling to keep from yawning and being rude. I keep doodling as one of my friends gets up and does her presentation. After she’s done the teacher says “good job, although it would be nice if people wouldn’t draw while one of their classmates is talking.” I felt embarrassed but at the same time, figured it was just something the teacher would have to deal with if he didn’t want me yawning all the time. Then, I look around and realize everyone’s been drawing, one of the other kids even explains to the teacher that he can’t help but start drawing if he has a pen in his hand, he’s never thought about it in class. So, I wonder if it’s just an american thing or what. Because honestly, I’d never really thought about it before.

So, this post may not have been very important in the scheme of things, I’m still behind on updating what I’ve actually been doing, but I just felt like recording my awesome birthday.

But here’s a quick update: Stage is awesome, doing more and more visits and feeling better at it. Friends are awesome, although more and more people are leaving and we have less and less time together. Final paper is coming along, but stressful as always.

Bonne soirée tout le monde!



This morning, I slept in as late as I could and then headed to my stage. I ended up helping with 3 ateliers. They were big groups but all very calm and well-behaved, so I didn’t have to do all that much. It was still nice to come in on the weekend and talk with the kids and meet the weekend staff.

Tonight we went salsa dancing at La Pena by St. Michel. The place was nice but far too small for the amount of people so we headed home early. I had fun though, and am too tired to write more than this tiny little post. Time to try to get my twelve hours sleep before another crazy week. 🙂


I didn’t really do all the much this weekend. I’m just trying to find a weekend routine that doesn’t drive me crazy.

Friday night we all hung out but didn’t go out anywhere. Just played cards and listened to music.

Saturday night I watched the Lizzie Macguire Movie and some Big Bang Theory which was awesome as always.

Today, I tried to find some sleeping arrangements for Rebecca when she visits this week. I thought I had found a blow up bed to by, but it turned out to be to big. I did find some sheets, so at least I’ll have something to lay on an keep me warn. Hopefully I’ll have time to stop by Monoprix or Conforama, Monday, to find some sort of cushion. On my way to the Bazaar I stumbled upon a flea market. I was walking right down Rue de Charonne like I do everyday on the way to mon stage, I looked over at the girls school I pass, and right next door there was a flea market along the road. It was mostly little trinkets, silverware, dishes, postcards, chairs, but there were come clothes too. It was just really cool to think I walk by everyday, but I never new what happened Sunday.

Then I bought a very good Chocolate Croissant and headed home.

I’m very proud of myself, because for lunch I supplies to have a ham, butter, and salad sandwich with chips and dessert. Which is pretty darn basic, but much less basic than my original bread lunches, or my bread and ham lunch, or my nutella and jelly lunch. And it was much more filling.

Where I took a very very long nap, and am now persuading myself to do my homework. It’s hard to do homework here because there are no homework parties and there is no library. There’s libraries but it’s a trek and it’s not like at Goucher. When I’m in my room I want to just go on the internet or sleep, since normally that’s all I have time to do here. It’s not a very good working environment. But I’ll get use to it. 🙂

Now for some randomness.

Some Favorite Paris Moments:

  • Waking up thinking I was hearing horses for some bizarre reason, to find out there really were horses walking by my window. The mounted police just went by my window one day.
  • Stumbling upon random flea markets
  • Wondering what’s all that noise, only to discover that a horse and carriage with newlyweds was going by, and all the noise was the wedding party following in cars honking and cheering.