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I found the corn!

I made it to Vinton!


My first flight had about 4 Americorps people on it, but we were all too tired to find each other. My second flight had so many Americorps members we took up the whole plane.


The stewardess didn’t know what to do at first when all the passengers were actually talking. The flight from Chicago to cedar rapids was the shortest I’ve ever been on, 35 minutes! Afterwards we grabbed our duffels, got on a coach bus, and drove to Vinton, the drive consisted of corn, more corn, and some short dark leafy plant.

In Vinton, we checked in, got our roommates, (I have two, one from Pennsylvania and one from Tennessee), and our uniforms. So far I’ve been too tired to do much, but everyone is very nice and we already explored the discount store across the street.

I’m sure I had some profound things to say before, but for now I’m going to lay down, watch some white collar, and get ready for my 8 o’clock meeting.


Here I go….


purple duct tape for the win!


global custom tours represent!

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. Tomorrow I have a 7am flight from Bradley to Chicago, then an 11:25 to cedar rapids. Above is a picture of my duffle, packed and weighing in at 26 lbs. My clothes etc for ten months are in there. Other than that I’ll be bringing this backpack…


And this purse….


Now that I’ve got that covered, I have to apologize for this post. I feel like I sound all robotic, but I’m testing out my phones WordPress app and I haven’t quite adjusted to writing long posts on a phone. I also I haven’t figured out why some of the photos are sideways… still working out the kinks.. 🙂

Anyway, I am super excited to get started and meet everybody tomorrow! A little nervous too, but nothing out of the norm. 🙂

I’ll leave you all with an awesome fema corps blog post and a promise to update soon.

The Final Countdown

Today, I came home from my vacation in Maine, which means that tomorrow I get to start planning out my last two weeks in Connecticut. I’ll make sure to update a bit before I go, but right now I’m a little too tired for a proper blog posting. But, I wanted to post this little gem I found in Maine.

Basically the story goes that I was looking through old postcards in a flea market in Maine. I decided to see if they had any ones of Iowa, just to get an idea of where I’m headed, and among many pictures of the Des Moines state house I found this.

Greetings from IOWA

And on the back of it….

If you can’t read the writing it says:
“Dear Donny,
We are in the middle of IOWA now and with only 3000 miles of driving to go. When we look to the left and then the right we see only the same thing, miles and miles of nothing. It’s bad when the highest natural formation in the state was produced by a dairy cow that was constipated for 3 weeks!
Love – Dan, Joyce, and Goo”

Glad to know what I’ll be getting into! 😛